No, not London’s iconic jazz club, it’s the Foss Dyke 100 Club fundraising lottery!

It’s quite simple, there’s 100 numbers, you pay £2 a month or £24 a year to get your name attached to any of the numbers, and we draw two winners at random on the last day of every month.

There are 2 prizes in every 100 club draw that are guaranteed to be won each month. There are no rollovers, if the winning numbers drawn aren’t owned, they get redrawn.

1st prize is £50
2nd Prize is £30

You can check which numbers are available and even reserve your own direct from the website 100 Club page.

100 Club results and winners will also be posted there on the last day of every month.

You can have as many free numbers as you want, you can even invite friends and family to take part. With great prizes and all funds raised going back into the club for the benefit of all, it’s a win-win whether you win or not!

So pop by and see if your lucky number is still available now.

100 club poster for Foss Dyke Band