Hiring & Booking

The Foss Dyke Brass Band are available to hire.

We can cater for all types of booking from small informal private garden parties, weddings, public performances right through to large corporate events.

Booking the Foss Dyke Brass Band may be more affordable than you'd imagine!

Booking the Foss Dyke Brass Band may be more affordable than you’d imagine!


Booking costs vary depending on several factors.
It goes without saying that a small ensemble of 4 or 6 musicians costs significantly less than a full 28 piece band.

An informal Christmas carolling session requires less time and planning than a stately home presentation in full band regalia.

And the logistics of playing a garden party in Lincoln are simpler than a garden party in Kent.

To get a truly accurate idea of cost for hiring our band, the simplest way is to let us know your requirements and we can tailor a package to suit your budget.

A few factors to bear in mind when booking a Brass Band:

The band usually takes around 30 minutes to get set up. This is best done out of the view of your guests if possible.

The performance area needs to be approximately 20m² (4m x 5m), and the band usually sits in a horseshoe type formation of 2 rows. Seating needs to be practical, comfortable and chairs without arms are preferred.

There could be up to 28 of us, so car parking space is necessary. Some of our instruments are bulky, so close vehicular access is required for unloading.

We love playing outdoors, but plan for inclement weather. Sheet music doesn’t like wind, drums don’t like rain and chairs with thin legs sink in to soggy grass! A suitable marquee may be necessary or the plan B option of moving indoors.

Somewhere to change in to our band uniforms is appreciated, and so are some light refreshments during our 15 minute half time interlude.

For further information and advice on your requirements, please contact us through the form below and we’ll be delighted to discuss your requirements:

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